Travel Blogger Kathy Rudolph Petrino Says Texas Wine Country is a Must See

August 14, 2021
Kathy Rudolph Petrino is an enthusiastic traveler, of course, but she has more than a strong desire to see as much of the world as possible while she’s here. Kathy helpfully loves to write about everything she sees, and she loves to post everything on her travel blog for everyone to see. Kathy Rudolph Petrino knows that’s how you keep travel destinations afloat and appealing to visit again and again.

That includes one of Kathy Rudolph Petrino’s favorite destinations anywhere, which happens to be Texas Wine Country.When people think about a vacation centered on wine, Kathy knows Texas isn’t usually at the top of their list. That’s why she wants everyone to know that the Lone Star State has been actively trying to improve its reputation as a wine producer. It’s working; Texas Hill Country has been growing some of the nicest grapes in the country and, as a result, dozens of Texas wineries are producing some of the best varietals in the United States. When one travels along Wine Road 290, they will discover a wider range of wines available than they thought possible, including many Tempranillos, Malbecs, and Cabernets. There are hundreds of state-of-the-art tasting rooms, and there are big music, food and wine events throughout the area. Many combine wine with great Texas barbecue with country and rockabilly music to lift your spirits in more ways than one.

Exploring Hawaii With Travel Blogger Kathy Rudolph Petrino

February 15, 2021
Of course, Kathy Rudolph Petrino is a voracious world traveler. What you may not realize is that she wants to write about everything she experiences on every trip. Kathy certainly wants to see everything she can during her life, but she also wants to share everything she knows, so that everyone can have the best possible experience. The more people go to these places, the more likely they will be to go back repeatedly. Also, the more she tells others about having the same great experiences she has had, the more likely they are to have a great time.

Kathy Rudolph Petrino enthusiastically writes about every destination she visits as if she was the first one to see it because that is how she likes to feel when she goes herself. She thinks of herself as something of an explorer, who treats every destination as a new discovery. That is one reason one of her favorite destinations just happens to be everyone’s favorite tropical paradise. Hawaii, which is the 50th state, is a series of islands, each with something special to offer nearly anyone. There isgreat surfing on Oahu, which also features the cosmopolitan flair of Honolulu. In addition, the natural beauty of Maui is very attractive, as are the hidden natural treasures of Lanai. Hawaii features beautiful beaches and jungles, breathtaking waterfalls, excellent swimming and diving.

From the perspective of Kathy Rudolph Petrino, Hawaii is a great destination for families, surfers and honeymooners most of all, but there are many things to among many others.For those not adventurous enough to climb mountains or swim with mantas, there are helicopter tours of all of the island. You can explore Honolulu, which will remind you of many large cities, or Waikiki, which has a unique blend of Asian and Hawaiian cultures, with just enough American culture mixed in to make you feel at home.